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Programming In Python 3

ISBN 10 : 9780321680563
ISBN 13 : 0321680561

Practical Python 3 for experienced developers: use the right idioms, techniques, and features to write great code * *Written from a completely 'Python 3' point of view: teaches bes..

Scientific Computing With Python 3

ISBN 10 : 9781786463647
ISBN 13 : 1786463644

An example-rich, comprehensive guide for all of your Python computational needs About This Book Your ultimate resource for getting up and running with Python numerical computations..

Numerical Methods In Engineering With Python 3

ISBN 10 : 9781139620581
ISBN 13 : 1139620584

This book is an introduction to numerical methods for students in engineering. It covers solution of equations, interpolation and data fitting, solution of differential equations, ..

Python Cookbook

ISBN 10 : 9788575223321
ISBN 13 : 8575223321

Se precisar de ajuda para escrever programas em Python 3 ou desejar atualizar códigos antigos que estejam em Python 2, este livro é seu passaporte para isso. Cheio de receitas pr..

Python For Everybody

ISBN 10 : 1530051126
ISBN 13 : 9781530051120

Python for Everybody is designed to introduce students to programming and software development through the lens of exploring data. You can think of the Python programming language ..

The Absolute Basics Python 3

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

Covering the absolute basics of starting programming in Python 3, this book allows beginners to get a quick start in developing in Python 3. This includes: - Installing & setting u..

Python 3 For Absolute Beginners

ISBN 10 : 9781430216339
ISBN 13 : 1430216336

There are many more people who want to study programming other than aspiring computer scientists with a passing grade in advanced calculus. This guide appeals to your intelligence ..