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Tratado De Culinaria Para Mujeres Tristes

ISBN 10 : 9789587581584
ISBN 13 : 958758158X

Una novela de una de los mejores escritores colombianos..

Recipes For Sad Women

ISBN 10 : 9781908968234
ISBN 13 : 1908968230

No one knows the recipe for happiness – and yet Héctor Abad has given us a whole volume. His recipes, at times bizarre, at times wise, can cure almost anything – although the ..


ISBN 10 : 0374533938
ISBN 13 : 9780374533939

"An irreplaceable testimony of the struggle for democracy and tolerance in Latin America." --El País Héctor Abad's Oblivion is a heartbreaking, exquisitely written memorial to th..

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bitch

ISBN 10 : 9781402250484
ISBN 13 : 1402250487

Expanding on her now-classic Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch (over 120,000 copies sold), Elizabeth Hilts adds more edgy wisdom to the book that has helped thousands of women..


ISBN 10 : 9789584238061
ISBN 13 : 958423806X

Esta novela, que la crítica ha sido unánime en considerar como una obra maestra, ha vendido más de 18.000 ejemplares en español, ha sido traducida, entre otros, al mandarín, y..

La Pasi N De Leer

ISBN 10 : 9789586555487
ISBN 13 : 9586555488

"Esta obra recoge el pensar y sentir de doce reconocidos escritores -Hector Abad Faciolince, Piedad Bonnett, Juan Gustavo Cobo Borda, Fernando Cruz Kronfly, Octavio Escobar, Gonzal..

Why Men Lie And Women Cry

ISBN 10 : 0752847287
ISBN 13 : 9780752847283

Allan and Barbara Pease are the world's foremost experts in personal relationships. Their books, seminars and TV programmes have made them household names from Australia to the UK ..